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What is Safe Finder

In the age of too much information, Safe Finder presents the perfect tool to simplify the web, giving
you the optimal way to Share, Search, Work & Play. All with maximum security!

Safe Translation!

Translating your site was never easier - quick and accurate translator with Safe Finder!

Safe Sharing!

Safe Finder brings social networking into every day browsing - Stay in touch with a single click!

Safe Site Alerts!

Enhance and extend you browsing experience using the Safe Finder tools – Get all you need with Safe Finder!

How it Works?

Extend your browser

Safe Finder works on all 3 major web browsers – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Simply get it now to start browsing safely! Safe Finder will always be there when you need it.

Use the tools

Once you got it you can start enjoying it! Safe Finder’s helpful tools are always there for you as you browse the web: Upload, Like, and Tweet your content in a single click, automatically zoom into any Facebook image, quickly convert any webpage to PDF or simply listen to your local radio station – Do it all in a safe fashion!

Make it your own

Customize Safe Finder to fit your needs! Move it up or down – hide or minimize it. It’s easy and fun!

About us

Safe Finder was built and designed to simplify the way people use the web.

Our vision is to become the leading provider of simple, smart web solutions and complementary applications dedicated to improving browsing efficiency and simplicity using existing technologies and user interfaces.

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